PC-to-TV Connections Are Common, Says Report – Streaming Media Magazine

While connecting a computer with a home television seems too complicated for many people to deal with, a report from The Diffusion Group (TDG) entitled “PC-to-TV Video Viewers: A Consumer Snapshot,” finds that doing so is surprisingly common. Approximately one-third of broadband users connect their computers and TVs to enjoy video on a larger screen at least once a year.

The study notes the perception that connecting a computer and television is difficult and confined to early adopters. In fact, the computer has become a popular TV accessory.

The study divides that one-third of users that connect their TVs and PCs into four groups:

Light users: 26.2 percent of them connect their computers and televisions once or a few times a year.

Moderate users: 35.6 percent do so between once and a few times per month.

Regular users: 21.4 percent do so a few times per week.

Frequent users: a small 16.8 percent do so at least once per day.

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