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34,000 IPH — MacSparky

Today was Apple’s earning’s call. There was lots of interesting information and again Apple earned enough money to fill a super-tanker with $1,000 bills. The most interesting stat I heard was that last quarter Apple sold 34,000 iPhones per hour (IPH). Every hour. 34,000.

I had never thought much about Apple’s IPH number but 34,000 is crazy. That means they’ve got to build, ship, sell, and activate 816,000 iPhones a day. Has manufacturing somethings as complicated as an iPhone on this scale ever been done? Congratulations Apple on this amazing accomplishment.

Source: 34,000 IPH — MacSparky

iOS gestures you may not have known – Six Colors

One of the revolutions the Mac brought to computers was the discoverability of any program’s commands—you could just click through the menus to see more or less everything an app did, and most keyboard shortcuts would be labeled right on the screen. But there would still be secret features, like holding down option and command when clicking in PageMaker to zoom to actual size. I heard about it from a friend, and passed it on to other people, but unless you read the manual cover to cover you’d never know. R

Source: iOS gestures you may not have known – Six Colors

Car as a service (nice slide)